SAP Service Management

SAP service management is a system that a business may use from beginning to finish to better manage its customer support activities. It is a module of the SAP ERP system that helps businesses to improve the happiness of their customers, increase their… Read more

SAP Enterprise Performance Management

Organizations may manage and assess their operational and financial performance using the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) approach. EPM is a crucial part of contemporary corporate management since it aids in the definition and execution of strategy, resource optimization, and enterprise-wide… Read more

SAP CX Solutions

A group of software products known as SAP CX (Customer Experience) solutions were created by SAP SE to assist businesses in managing their client interactions and relationships more efficiently. A variety of solutions in the SAP CX suite are intended… Read more

SAP Hana Modules

A useful tool for managing and automating human resources procedures are SAP Hana modules. It is a feature of the SAP ERP system and enables businesses to optimize and streamline their HR operations, from hiring to retirement. The SAP HR… Read more

SAP HCM System

The SAP HCM system, which stands for is a solution for enterprise resource planning (ERP) that was developed expressly for the purpose of managing an organization’s human resources. It is an all-encompassing human resource management system that gives companies the tools they require… Read more

SAP HR System

Human resources play a crucial role in any company’s success since they manage and organize the workforce. The SAP HR system is a full solution for managing HR operations offered by SAP, a reputable software vendor. This system provides a… Read more

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Organizations may take advantage of a variety of advantages using SAP HEC, including decreased total cost of ownership, better agility and flexibility, and enhanced performance and dependability. Organizations may remove the requirement for on-premises infrastructure, lower operating expenses, and improve… Read more

SAP Intelligent Enterprise

In the SAP market, there is a common misunderstanding that Intelligent Enterprise is a SAP product. That is not the name of any software product, even those made by SAP intelligent enterprise. Instead, it is a word used to describe… Read more

SAP Resource Planning

With the help of SAP Resource Planning, businesses may streamline their resource planning procedures and increase overall productivity. The technology assists companies in making knowledgeable decisions regarding resource allocation and avoiding future resource restrictions by giving real-time visibility into resource… Read more


SAP S4 HANA ERP, the most recent iteration of SAP’s ERP software, is the fourth product generation built on the revolutionary SAP Hana database technology. An ERP system is used, and SAP HANA s4 aids demand-driven corporate resource planning. It successfully links a… Read more

SAP Implementation Experience

The main backbone of all firms’ support systems are the SAP apps. In order to assure the SAP deployment’s success, the chief information officers (CIOs) and business owners exerted all of their efforts. An SAP implementation experience hasn’t yet been… Read more

SAP and ERP Systems

Companies need to simplify their processes and manage resources effectively to stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced and always changing business environment. The use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, a kind of software that unifies diverse departments… Read more

SAP Human Resources

The cloud-based software SAP SuccessFactors assists businesses in managing their human resources procedures. It is a component of the SAP human resources portfolio and is created to offer a complete solution for managing the whole employee lifecycle, from hiring and… Read more

SAP Enterprise Support

Using cutting-edge technology and industry best practices is crucial for businesses as they strive to maintain their competitiveness in a business environment that is continually changing. This allows them to improve their operations and achieve business goals. SAP Enterprise Support… Read more

SAP Customer Service

Better customer service, increased operational effectiveness, and revenue growth are all made possible through SAP customer service for organizations. The solution comprises a variety of modules that may be altered to match the unique requirements of various enterprises and sectors…. Read more

SAP HR Software

The SAP HR software package consists of a number of modules that may be used to control several elements of an organization’s HR procedures, such as staff management, payroll, benefits administration, time and attendance monitoring, and talent management. With SAP… Read more

SAP Field Service Management

The process of managing a company’s field resources during the service delivery process is known as SAP field service management. Delivering acceptable service in today’s cutthroat industry requires effective field service management. Consumers today want the work to be done… Read more

SAP ERP Project Management

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are sophisticated pieces of software that facilitate the streamlining of corporate processes, the management of available resources, and the improvement of an organization’s overall performance. SAP is one of the most well-known producers of enterprise… Read more

SAP C 4Hana

The new SAP C 4HANA, a collection of solutions that were formerly sold under the SAP Hybris brand, was created to help you succeed in a market where products are increasingly being consumed as services, and where the process of… Read more

SAP Support Services

SAP is one of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) technologies that is utilized on a worldwide scale the most frequently. SAP support services make it possible to achieve maximum efficiency in all aspects of corporate operations. Because it is the only method available… Read more

SAP Customer Experience Management

In contrast to SAP S/4HANA Finance and the four lines of business focused on logistics, SAP Customer Experience’s significant breakthroughs are more often the result of merging already-existing features that had not hitherto coexisted. For instance, the hybris feature serves… Read more

SAP Human Capital Management

The SAP ERP system’s SAP human capital management module offers companies a complete solution for managing their human resources procedures and data. Personnel administration, payroll, time and attendance management, recruiting, compensation management, and learning solutions are just a few of… Read more


SAP ERP and SAP HANA are two different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems offered by SAP. So, when you want to check both of then and know more about each, you should put in mind the differences between SAP ERP vs SAP Hana… Read more

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning

Not so long ago, the organizational functioning of the great majority of companies needed to be networked. Systems that are not connected with one another can only provide assistance to the activities that take place inside a certain functional area…. Read more

SAP Employee Central

A cloud-based human resources management system (HRMS), SAP Employee Central is a component of SAP’s SuccessFactors family of human capital management products. It offers a single database for managing and storing employee data, such as contact information and organizational and… Read more

SAP Success Factors Software

SAP SuccessFactors software is a cloud-based software solution that helps organizations manage their human resources processes. It is part of the SAP Human Capital Management suite and is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for managing the entire employee lifecycle,… Read more

SAP Procurement System

The products or services businesses have purchased from suppliers allow them to run. In light of this, procurement is a crucial step in creating any firm; Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing are what SAP stands for. We know… Read more

SAP Human Experience Management

The SAP Human Experience Management (HXM) solution set aims to enhance employee satisfaction while streamlining HR procedures. To offer a more customized and interesting employee experience, it blends cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things… Read more

Best ERP System

SAP ERP is a software program that aids businesses in managing all of their corporate operations, including finance, logistics, human resources, and other areas. An in-depth knowledge of the organization’s business operations and a well-defined strategy. For how the software… Read more

SAP customer experience solutions

SAP, is a leading provider of enterprise software, which offers a wide range of SAP customer experience solutions to help businesses improve their customer experience. One of SAP’s customer engagement executives is assigned to each client as their lone point… Read more

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

A contemporary and enjoyable experience for employees, managers, and HR teams is provided by firms using the SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) suite, a cloud-based HR management system. Many factors influence enterprises’ decision to use the SAP SuccessFactors HXM suite, including: The SAP SuccessFactors… Read more

SAP ERP Consultant

SAP ERP is a software suite that helps businesses manage various aspects of their operations, including finance, accounting, human resources, and supply chain management. SAP ERP is one of the most widely-used enterprise software systems in the world, and it… Read more

SAP Software Company

With each company function keeping its own operational data in a separate database, traditional business models frequently decentralize data management. Employees from various company departments find it challenging to access each other’s information as a result. Data duplication across several… Read more

SAP System for HR

As it organizes and oversees the workforce, human resources are essential to the success of every firm. The SAP system for HR is a complete solution provided by SAP, a renowned provider of software, for handling HR procedures. The benefits of SAP HR include… Read more

SAP ERP Services

SAP ERP Services, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning, is a suite of software solutions developed and provided by SAP for the administration of businesses. The program provides assistance to enterprises in the administration of a variety of business activities,… Read more

SAP Data Management

SAP is a market-leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology that offers businesses assistance in the management and automation of their operational procedures. Successful SAP implementation requires a well-structured strategy that considers the unique business needs and challenges of the local… Read more

SAP Customer Management

SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software system that is meant to manage an organization’s relationships with customers, clients, and sales prospects. SAP customer management Saudi Arabia assists businesses in streamlining and optimizing operations that directly interact with customers,… Read more

SAP Implementation Strategy

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software like SAP is effective in streamlining and automating a variety of corporate activities. However, putting SAP into practice may be a difficult and drawn-out process. A clear and well-defined plan must be in place to… Read more

SAP HR Module

The SAP HR module is a powerful tool that helps companies manage and automate their human resources processes. It is a part of the SAP ERP system and it allows companies to streamline and optimize their HR activities, from recruitment… Read more

SAP ERP Implementation

SAP ERP is a software solution that helps organizations manage their business processes in a unified manner, this can include financials, logistics, human resources, and more. Implementing SAP ERP can be a complex process, as it requires a thorough understanding… Read more

Benefits of SAP HR

The SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite expands on the greatest aspects with the benefits of SAP HR. To produce experiences that are genuinely dynamic, interesting, and employee-focused. The suite is made to help people throughout their careers and… Read more

ERP System in Saudi Arabia

While a whole suite of ERP applications may be utilized to create an ERP system that can be used to efficiently interact and connect a range of business activities, individual ERP system in Saudi Arabia apps can provide software as… Read more


The most recent version of SAP’s ERP software is SAP S/4HANA; it is the fourth product generation based on the ground-breaking SAP Hana database technology. SAP HANA s4 Saudi Arabia helps demand-driven business resource planning, and an ERP system is… Read more

SAP Procurement Module

The products or services that businesses have purchased from suppliers are what allow them to run. In light of this, procurement is a crucial step in the creation of any firm. System, Application, and Products in Data Processing is what… Read more

SAP Managed Service

Companies collaborate with SAP-managed service partners so they may devote more time to supporting the company that employs SAP applications and less time to peripheral IT tasks. To assure integrity and availability, the SAP Managed Services Saudi Arabia partner would… Read more

SAP Human Resource Management

HR encompasses much more than just hiring. In a company, human resources (HR) do more than simply recruit employees. They also categories them depending on things like departmental level, payment dates, payment information, designations, and more. In addition, the HR… Read more

ERP system project management Steps

As ERP adoption projects are so extensive and involved, careful and attentive project management is essential to their success. A competent project manager has to be able to create clear milestones and financial targets for the rest of the team,… Read more

The Best SAP Customer Experience

SAP began creating the groundwork for SAP Customer Experience Saudi Arabia in 2013 when it purchased hybris, a renowned e-commerce software provider, and renamed it SAP Hybris. This marked the beginning of SAP’s work on SAP customer experience. This solution would coexist with… Read more

SAP Implementation Project

The applications developed by SAP serve as the primary support system for all businesses. Therefore, the chief information officers (CIOs) and company owners put forth all of their efforts to ensure that the SAP deployment was successful. But despite all… Read more

Benefits of SAP ERP Solutions

Until recently, the organizational operation of the vast majority of businesses needs to be interconnected. Systems that are not integrated can only assist with the activities of a particular functional area. Therefore, a firm would have stand-alone systems to handle… Read more

The Benefits of SAP Data Services

The following seven characteristics have been listed, which can be supported by implementing SAP Data Services . Such as embedding Data in every decision, interaction, and process; data is processed and delivered in real time. Flexible data stores enable integrated ready-to-use data. Along… Read more

Sap Software Solutions and the SNS Advantage

Applications for enterprise resource planning (ERP) have been an essential component in the digital transformation of companies operating in various industries. However, when one thinks of ERP solutions, it is nearly impossible to ignore SAP. The IT powerhouse of today… Read more

Peter Hughes joins Trameto to provide silicon operations support

Trameto is delighted to welcome Peter Hughes to our team. Pete has extensive experience in the semiconductor industry with companies such as Broadcom and NVidia. He has held executive level roles across IC and Hardware Engineering, Operations, Customer Product Delivery,… Read more

The next IoT revolution – complete freedom and unlimited scalability

Trameto participate at the Wireless Communications Alliance (WCA) Webinar. The next IoT revolution – complete freedom and unlimited scalability Linkedin

Mark Ross joins Trameto as Advisor

Mark has been at the center of the Silicon Valley business and technology world for years working for companies like Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), NeXT, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Cypress Semiconductor and Dell. Mark was directly responsible for… Read more

Micro-energy harvesting pioneer secures prestigious European Commission funding

HarvestAll® silicon chip technology will enable battery-free IoT infrastructure Trameto, the power management technology company focused on micro-energy harvesting, has become one of fewer than 4% of recent applicants to the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 programme… Read more

Trameto wins Wales Smart Cymru award

Trameto has benefited from financial support from the Welsh Government’s SMARTCymru programme, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund Go to Website

Trameto success featured in Welsh Government H2020 Annual Report

Today Welsh Government published their  2018 H2020 in Wales Annual Report . Trameto is pleased to be featured, with a short story on our  recent H2020 SME Phase 1 success  on  page 20 .

Energy harvesting innovator Trameto hires AnotherTrail to expand in Europe

Trameto, the Chepstow-based company pioneering micro energy harvesting technology to reduce the need for batteries or wired power, is taking its innovative products to Europe. The company has appointed international business development specialists  AnotherTrail  to help it engage customers.

Trameto attends EIC Innovators’ Summit

As part of Trameto’s recent  Horizon 2020 SME Phase 1 grant award , Trameto was invited to attend the  IEC Innovators’ Summit  in Berlin. The two-day event provided Trameto with a great opportunity to network with ~500 other successful SMEs, together with investors, corporate representatives, researchers and influencers.

Micro-energy harvesting pioneer secures prestigious European Commission funding

Trameto’s HarvestAll® silicon chip technology will enable battery-free IoT infrastructure Chepstow, UK, 23 August 2018: Trameto, the power management technology company focused on micro-energy harvesting, has become one of fewer than 5% of recent applicants for the European Commission’s Horizon… Read more

Trameto awarded Knowledge Transfer Secondment

Trameto and  University of Bristol  are pleased to agree a joint collaboration that will see two world-class micro energy harvesting researchers working on secondment with the company for the next twelve months.

Trameto featured in Advances Wales

Trameto is delighted to be featured in the  Summer ’18 edition  of  Advances WalesBusiness Wales ‘ free quarterly magazine showcasing the latest news, research and developments in science, technology and engineering in Wales. Read the Trameto story for yourself on  page 17 .

Wales Technology Awards 2018

Trameto was delighted to be  shortlisted as a finalist in the Sir Michael Moritz Start-up of the Year category at the Wales Technology Awards 2018 , and last night attended the awards ceremony and dinner at Cardiff City Hall. A great evening and, whilst we didn’t win, it was fantastic to celebrate the rich diversity of world-leading technology companies in… Read more

Trameto to present at Energy Harvesting 2018

Representatives from business and academia will be gathering this month at the Engine Shed in Bristol for a technology deep-dive. Trameto’s CTO Chris Travis will present on the topic ‘Efficiency versus effectiveness in energy harvesting systems’. The programme also includes contributions from… Read more

Trameto a finalist at the Wales Technology Awards 2018!

Trameto has been shortlisted as a  finalist  for an award at the  Wales Technology Awards  2018, in the Sir Michael Moritz Start-up of the Year category. “We are delighted to have been selected as a finalist for Start-up of the Year. We look forward… Read more

Energy harvesting innovator Trameto hires Intralink to expand in Asia

Trameto, the Bristol-based company pioneering micro energy harvesting technology to reduce the need for batteries or wired power, is taking its innovative products to Asia. The company has appointed international business development specialists Intralink to help it engage customers and… Read more

Chris Travis appointed as CTO

We are pleased to announce that Chris Travis has joined Trameto as Chief Technology Officer. Most recently Chris has worked in technology development for consumer electronics markets, notably as CTO of Redux, which was bought by Google in 2017. Chris… Read more

Trameto wins Tech Live at CoInnovate 2018!

Trameto’s  wins the award  for the “winning pitch” at CoInnovate 2018!

Trameto secures UK investment to grow innovative energy harvesting products

Trameto, the developer of micro energy harvesting solutions, announced today the closing of a seed round of funding and the award of a substantial grant from Innovate-UK. The seed financing was led by Development Banc Wales and Swansea Innovations. The… Read more

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