General Authority for Awqaf

S/4Hana ERP, and SAP REFX Case Study


Client Background

The Authority aims at organizing, maintaining, developing the AWQAF in a manner that achieves the conditions of the WAQEF and enhances its role in economic and social development and social solidarity, in accordance with the purposes of Islamic Sharia and regulations.


Business challenges


Complexity of IT landscape due to multiple isolated software and systems


AWQAF Business model is unique

Key points

How SNS helped

  • More Visibility
    SNS helped AWQAF build their Digital Platform to spreading the WAQFs culture and raising awareness of rights, promoting communication, raising the level of transparency, and facilitating the delivery of services to beneficiaries
  • Registering
    Helped AWQAF to start registering Awqaf and Nazer of Waqaf and beneficiary of the waqaf
  • Setup of Business Procedures
    Help AWQAF to setup business procedures for the services


What value did SNS deliver?

Here’s an overview of the value we delivered for this project:

Services portal

Completed services portal for Awqaf with the services include: Waqf registration, Waqf service, and Waqaf Masarf.


SNS delivered S/4Hana ERP, and SAP REFX.

8 SuccessFactors modules

SNS delivered 8 SuccessFactors modules including Employee Central, Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance & Goals, Succession, LMS, Offboarding and On-Prem Payroll.

Portal creation

Portal to support the Real Estate management and Appraisa

Agile methodology

SNS is followed a proven and recommended agile methodology from SAP called SAP Activate which guides effectively for the deployment for onpremises and on-cloud solution.

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