SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite

Over 7,000 Customers, 120 million of SAP SuccessFactors Users in 200+ Countries and Territory



SAP SuccessFactors is the global provider of cloud-based Human Experience Management (HXM) software. SuccessFactors suite combines a learning management system (LMS), compensation, recruiting, onboarding, social & collaboration tools, performance management, succession planning, talent management, and Analytics to help organizations of all sizes achieve business strategy alignment, team execution, and maximum people performance across more than 60 industries.

SAP SuccessFactors increase employee engagement and reduce time in the hire-to-retire process by empowering both HR team and the workforce.


  • Boost growth

    Align your HR and corporate strategies to boost overall business growth.

  • User Experience

    Enable a simple and intuitive experience across all devices for the entire company.

  • Attract & Retain

    Develop future leaders while attracting, identifying, and retaining top performers.

  • Compliance

    Comply with all global, country, and local regulations.

  • Integrations

    Work with HR and non-HR applications and processes to integrate.


Why SNS for SuccessFactors?

SNS provides a package of professional services to help with SAP SuccessFactors deployments, including implementation, integration, and maintenance. We have experience across the range of SAP SuccessFactors modules that includes: Recruitment, Onboarding, Learning, Compensation, Performance, and Succession Planning.

  • We help our clients with the complete range of SAP HCM and SuccessFactors suite, including implementation and maintenance.
  • We are the SAP HCM and SuccessFactors team that will help you meet your objectives on time, on budget, and on target, while maximizing your return on investment.
  • In the SAP HCM and SuccessFactors space, we have unrivaled depth of knowledge and industry experience.
  • We offer creative solutions that are both within and outside the box.

Key Modules

Employee Central

Provide intelligent automation, intelligent services, and HR workflows across system and business operations, and you’ll be able to manage both procedures and transactions. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central enables you to effortlessly automate HR operations while delivering a core HR solution that matches the worldwide demands of your employees and your organization.


Develop, facilitate, and execute instructor-led, formal, and social online training courses with a complete learning management solution (LMS).


SuccessFactors By educating recruiting managers, empowering new workers, and connecting onboarding with other core personnel management activities, businesses can make onboarding a major strategic process that increases job satisfaction, time to productivity, and retention.

Performance & Goals

Effectively communicate internal objectives, establish and implement meaningful individual goals across the business, and concentrate employee attention on what counts, all while allowing executives to track goal progress in real time.


Establish and develop a pay-for-performance culture, enhance top talent retention, and raise productivity and employee morale across the business by rewarding your team based on accomplishments.


Transform your hiring process into a purposeful and ongoing component of your people strategy. SAP SuccessFactors is the only end-to-end recruitment solution that allows you to attract, engage, and find the top prospects while also allowing you to track and assess results.

Succession & Development

Forecast and establish plans for workforce changes, as well as ensuring employee readiness at all levels. To prepare your staff for both current and future demands, adapt learning and training activities to address skill gaps.

Time & Attendance

With SAP SuccessFactors, you can meet employee expectations for an easy, accurate, and customized time sheet. The solution, which is available on any device, gives insight into labor expenses and analyzes time sheets prior to submission.

JAM Collaboration

Secures collaboration everywhere you work, whether it’s in your apps, on your mobile device, or in SAP Jam Collaboration.